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Dive #143 – Illa Mateua

September 15th, 2011 · No Comments

To celebrate my birthday I decided to take the day off and head off to l’Escala for a dive with my brother, who is there on holiday. Since neither of us has done much diving for a while – my Smart Com dive computer went back to Scubapro to have its battery replaced in May and I didn’t get it back until August, which impressed me not in the slightest – we decided on a fairly undemanding shore dive.

Illa Mateua

First problem though was getting any bottles as we tried three dive centres that were either closed on had no staff to sort us out for air. At last we tried Mateua Dive, who I’d never used before, and we got two bottles for €24. Pricey if you compare the cost of a boat dive.

Lugging the equipment down to the beach at Mateua is always fun, and I always remind myself that next time I take up a sport it has to involve no heavy equipment. We kitted up from the back of the car and walked down, making final adjustments and strapping on fins in the water.

As soon as we could we submerged and swam to the island (Illa Mateua :) ) and through the cave to the other side. The visibility wasn’t brilliant, but not too bad either. Following the buoy line out we then headed north out beyond the buoys where there is more depth. The visibility out there was far better than close to the shore but not too much to see except fish.

Navigating back to the island by compass we ascended at the far tip of the island and swam on the surface back to the shore. A good dive, undemanding as required and good to get the feel for the water again.

Dive 143 - Illa Mateua

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